Non Woven Bag Material

Non Woven Bag Material

The main material for making non-woven bags is non-woven fabric.
Non-woven fabric, also known as non-woven fabric, is composed of directional or random fibers, is a new generation of environmental protection data, with moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light weight, no combustion-supporting, simple decomposition, non-toxic, no impact, rich color, low price, recyclable and other characteristics. Such as the use of polypropylene (pp) granular material as material, through high temperature melting, wire spraying, laying, hot roll take one step production. It is called cloth because it has the appearance and certain functions of cloth.

Non Woven Bag Material
What Is Non Woven Bag Material? 5

Non woven Bag Material without warp and weft, cutting and sewing are very convenient, and light and simple stereotypes, deeply loved by manual enthusiasts.

Because it is a kind of fabric that does not require spinning and weaving, it is just a directional or random arrangement of textile short fibers or filament to form a fiber network structure, and then the mechanical, thermal bonding or chemical reinforcement.

It is not made of yarn interwoven and braided together, but the fibers are physically glued together, so that when you reach the scale in your clothes, you will find that you cannot pull out the threads. Nonwovens break through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process, fast production rate, high yield, low cost, wide use, material history and so on.

Non-woven fabric according to the composition, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc.; Different components will have vastly different styles of non-woven fabric.

Nonwoven fabric is a kind of nonwoven fabric, it is the direct use of polymer slices, short fibers or filament fibers through the air flow or mechanical net, and then through the thorns, acupuncture, or hot rolled reinforcement, after finishing the non-woven fabric. With soft, breathable and flat structure of the new fiber products, the advantages are no fiber crumbs, strong, durable, silky soft, is also a kind of enhanced materials, and cotton feeling, and cotton fabrics, non-woven bags are simple to form, and the cost of cheap.

Non Woven Bag Material
What Is Non Woven Bag Material? 6

Advantages of Non woven Bag Material:

Light weight

With polypropylene resin as the primary production material, the proportion is only 0.9, as long as three-fifths of cotton, with loose, feel good.


It is made of fine fiber (2-3D). Products moderate softness, comfortable.

Water, breathable

Polypropylene slice does not absorb water, water content is zero, the product is better water, composed of 100% fiber with porous, good air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry, easy to wash.

Non-toxic, no effect

The product is made of food grade materials conforming to FDA, without other chemical components, stable function, non-toxic, no odor, and does not affect the skin.

Antibacterial and anti-chemical agents

Polypropylene is a chemical blunt substance, mothless, and can block the presence of bacteria and insects in the liquid corrosion; Antibacterial, alkali corrosion, products do not affect the strength due to corrosion.

Antibacterial property

Products with water-based, no mildew, and can block the presence of bacteria and insects in the liquid corrosion, no mildew.

Good physical property

By polypropylene spinning directly spread into a mesh of hot bonding, product strength is better than the general staple fiber products, strength is not directional, vertical and horizontal strength near.

In terms of environmental protection, the source material of most non-woven fabrics used is polypropylene, while the source material of plastic bags is polyethylene. Although the two substances have similar names, they are far apart in chemical structure. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene has a strong stability, extremely difficult to degrade, so plastic bags need 300 years to decompose; Polypropylene, on the other hand, is chemically weak, its molecular chains simply crack, allowing it to degrade effectively and move to the next stage of the environmental cycle in a non-toxic shape. A non-woven shopping bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days.

And non-woven shopping bags can be reused for more than 10 times, and the pollution to the environment after waste is only 10% of the plastic bag.

Non Woven Bag Material
What Is Non Woven Bag Material? 7

Defects of Non woven Bag Material:

1) Compared with textile cloth, the strength and durability are poor.

2) It cannot be washed like other fabrics.

3) The fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so simply split from the right direction and so on. Therefore, the improvement of production methods should be focused on the improvement of avoiding fragmentation.

Maintenance of Non woven Bag Material:

1, to keep clean, often change, avoid moth breeding.

2, seasonal storage, must be washed, ironed, dried, sealed in plastic bags, flat in the wardrobe. Take care to shade out the light to prevent fading. Ventilation, dust removal and humidity should be frequent, not exposed to the sun. The wardrobe should be put into mildew, moth repellent tablets, to avoid cashmere products damp mildew insects.

3.When wearing inside, the lining of its matching coat should be smooth, and hard objects such as pens, key bags and mobile phones should be avoided in pockets to avoid local friction and pilling. Try to reduce the friction with hard objects (such as sofa backrest, armrest, table top) and crochet. It is not easy to wear for too long. Stop wearing or change wearing after about 5 days to restore the elasticity of clothes and avoid fiber fatigue and damage.

4, if there is pilling, not strong pull, must use scissors to cut off the pompoms, to avoid being unable to repair due to off-line.

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