Non-Woven Bags

The Printing Methods Of Non-woven Bags

Some customers do not understand the non-woven bag, want to know what printing method of non-woven bag printing generally, here is to explain what printing method of non-woven bag will use, we have done more than ten years of non-woven bag, for non-woven bag printing process has been studied, I hope to help you.

Non-Woven Bags
What Are The Printing Methods Of Non-woven Bags? 3

Non-woven bag printing methods commonly used screen printing, rubber plate relief printing, heat transfer printing, intaglio color printing, spray color printing.

The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various printing methods

Screen printing

Introduction: Using screen printing machine screen printing on cloth, using environmental ink, screen printing.

Commonly known as: screen printing, watermarking, environmental printing.

Advantages: affordable, fast, low cost, bright color, and accepted by the public, a wide range of applications.

Disadvantages: Unable to print images with large gradient gradients, such as headshots, landscapes, houses, etc.

Rubber plate relief printing

Introduction: Using six-color drum printing machine, printing on the cloth, using carved rubber plate attached to the rubber stick roller, using environmental ink.

Commonly known as: offset printing (and paper offset printing), relief printing, flexo printing.

Advantages: Low price, fast speed, color with a little bit of light, widely used in society.

Disadvantages: The color is light, only suitable for light pigment cloth, such as white, beige and other light pigment cloth.

Heat transfer printing

Introduction: Offset press and press are used to print on the heat transfer paper using an offset press, and then flat or scalding on the fabric through the press. Commonly known as: heat transfer printing, hot stamping, heat sublimation printing.

Advantages: It can print head pictures, landscape paintings and other high-precision pictures with high concentration, so that the printing of bags looks very bright.

Disadvantages: printing area can not be too large, the price is higher, the speed is slower.

Intaglio color printing

Introduction: A seven-color intaglio press is used. The pattern is carved on the web intaglio plate (made of iron), then the plate is mounted on the press, printed on OPP film, and then overlaid on non-woven fabric by laminating machine.

Commonly known as: color printing, gravure printing.

Advantages: The pattern size is arbitrary, no need to deliberately reduce the pattern, can print head pictures, landscape paintings and other high-precision pictures, high concentration, so that the whole bag presents a beautiful picture. When the quantity of bags is large, the price advantage is obvious and the speed is fast.

Disadvantages: expensive version, for a small number of bags cost allocation is relatively high.

This printing method, for environmental protection or not, is still a controversial topic.

Gelatinized color printing

Introduction: It is a relatively new printing method. Through a layer of glue on the inner layer of non-woven fabric to block the leakage of ink, so as to carry out color printing.

Advantages: can be directly printed on the non-woven bag above the color, do not need to cover film, do not need to transfer paper, the cost is more reasonable. Suitable for printing of 5,000-10,000 bags.

Disadvantages: the color accuracy is a little lower than the film, the color of the cloth is also a little plain color, not suitable for the whole page background color.

These several printing methods have included all the printing methods of non-woven bag industry now, I hope to help you.

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