Non-Woven Bags
What Is Better For Making Non-woven Bags, Heat Pressing Or Sewing?

About the non-woven bag is hot pressed bag or sewing bag is good, we can first look at the differences and advantages of the two kinds of bags.

Non-woven hot press bag: From the literal meaning of understanding is, the use of high temperature non-woven fabric pressed together a non-woven bag. The current widespread technique is the use of ultrasonic pressure welding, which is a primary internal interconnection method used as an initial internal interconnection method to the actual bare surface or the logic circuit of the device.

This connection connects the logic signal or the chip’s signal number to the outside world. Other primary interconnections include flip chip and coil automatic welding, but ultrasonic pressure welding dominates these connection methods and is used in more than 90% of all interconnections.

Of this number, about 90% are welded with gold wire ultrasonic, and the rest are welded with aluminum and other or similar precious metals. The non-woven bag mainly adopts welding wire joint. First, the chip is fixed on the appropriate substrate or wire frame, and then with a fine metal wire, the circuit on the chip is connected with the circuit on the substrate or wire frame.

Non-Woven Bags, Heat Pressing
What Is Better For Making Non-woven Bags, Heat Pressing Or Sewing? 4

Nonwoven bag: A method of sewing in tailors. It is mainly used to sew and wrap cloth, leather and other products by sewing machine to form a bag, which is an important link in knitting products.

Because it is to sew different strips of cloth together, but also from different angles, different methods of stitching, usually a complete sewing bag may take 5, 6 to the process to make a sewing bag, because the practice is more complex, so its price relative to the hot press bag, the price may also be slightly more expensive. And it is because it is manually stitched, so the bearing capacity is much more than the hot-pressed bag, can withstand without breaking, improve the service life, and improve the advertising efficiency of the bag.

Non-Woven Bags
What Is Better For Making Non-woven Bags, Heat Pressing Or Sewing? 5

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