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is a company with new product development & design, production, sales, and exports in one. It owns bag factories of cutting, printing, seam, and heat pressing. The offline factories have mature and standardized production lines and strict quality inspection systems. The product passes the new European standard REACH test. We serve the market with the business philosophy of "Focus on the quality of production and achievement of factory advantages" to jointly achieve long-term supply cooperation of market networks.

Main products: China Non woven bag, non woven laminated bags, non woven supermarket bags, non woven stereo bag, non woven D cut bags, non woven wine bags, non woven aprons, non woven coffee bags, non woven clothing bags, non woven garments bag, non woven drawstring bags, non-woven cloth bags, non-woven cloth bags, non woven cup mats, cotton bags, pp woven bags, RPET laminated bags and other products.

China Non Woven Bag
China non woven bag

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