Eco-Friendly Bag

How to make an eco-friendly bag?

How to make environmental bags what steps PP laminated shopping bag, round corner shopping bag?

Do you still remember life before the “plastic limit” was introduced in 2007? This was the time when the cashier at the supermarket checkout didn’t ask if you wanted plastic bags. Plastic bags were of poor quality and didn’t break down easily. “White pollution” is often talked about, but most of us can not really realize the harm of “white pollution”. The “ban on plastic bags” has reduced “white pollution” and changed people’s way of life. People now basically have the awareness of using reusable bags or using biodegradable plastic bags. The following xiaobian will introduce the benefits of using environmental protection bags and how to make environmental protection bags.Manual environmental protection bag production method

Eco-Friendly Bag

1. Then draw a vertical line on the edge of the paper with a little more distance than the middle distance, usually 0.5 cm, as shown in the picture.

2. Then we fold the paper in half horizontally, that is, the folded line should be perpendicular to the line just drawn. Then fold one edge in half, up to the same distance as the middle, and then fold it in half the other way, as shown.

3, then open the paper, on the side of the line, along the middle line, to the opposite side of the line. Then fold the two lines on both sides of the middle line and fold them in opposite directions in half. You can see the effect as shown in the picture, which is the side style of the manual environmental protection bag, as shown in the picture.

4. After that, we open the paper and fold the line up, based on the line drawn at the edge, to the inside half, as shown in the picture.

5. After that, we cut the center line crease that was folded horizontally in half and divided it into two parts with scissors. Each part can be made into a handmade environmental protection bag.

6. After we cut the place, there was a crease on it, which was folded in half before. We tore the transverse side, as shown in the picture.

7. Then apply glue stick glue on the edge of the place below the previous step, and fold the side closed in half. Do not expose the paper to the outside and stick it well, as shown in the picture, this is the appearance of the handmade environmental protection bag.

8. Then we apply glue to the edge of the other side of the place and stick it well. Even if the whole bag part of the handmade environmental bag is done, it is still very good. We need according to their own size of environmental protection bag, choose to use different sizes of paper can be made of different sizes of environmental protection bag, according to the need to produce.

9, we put the environmental protection bag up, you can see the style in all directions, as shown in the picture, very good, usually put a clothes or anything, very use.

10, our previous side of the broken line purpose, as shown in the picture. We can do a few more, usually along our fold line will be folded into the side, it becomes a very thin paper, saving space, easy to carry, is not very good.

11, then we from the paper, cut two long strips, as shown in the picture, not too narrow, you can also fold several layers of paper in half, cut out small strips, so more durable.

12. Then we can fold the strips in half into the pattern as shown in the picture. We can overlap the folds and stick them with glue, so that they will not be easily damaged.

13. Then we will fold the small strips and staple them on the bag. It will look better from the inside and the joint must be inside. In order to be firm, use a stapler instead of glue. We can order more staples.

14. Finally, the manual environmental protection bag is ready. The styles in each direction are shown in the figure for your reference. If there is a large paper can be made a little bigger, if the feeling is not strong, you can use several layers of paper to do, according to the need. But normal clothes and stuff are fine.

Eco-Friendly Bag
eco-friendly bag

What are the benefits of using reusable bags

White pollution is a very serious environmental pollution in China’s cities. A large number of discarded plastic waste can be seen everywhere in various public places. However, the disposal of plastic bags has many troubles — it takes years to decompose naturally, pollutes groundwater, and produces harmful gases when burned. You can recall how plastic bags flew in the air when it was windy in autumn. They were flying with dead leaves.

Eco-Friendly Bag

You take the bag, you have to do something for the environment, don’t you? In order to advocate the use of environmental bags, so summarize the harm of using plastic bags and the benefits of environmental bags.

The harmful effects of using plastic bags are as follows: 1. the main source of “white pollution”; 2. Cannot be recycled and reused; 3. Burning pollutes the air; 4. Bury contaminated soil and groundwater.

Eco-Friendly Bag

The advantages of using environmental bags are: 1. Can greatly reduce the use of plastic bags; 2. Longer service life than paper bag; 3. It can be recycled. 4. Low price, easy to promote.

We know from the above, use environmental protection bag has a lot of benefits, the first to use environmental protection bags of behavior can reduce the usage of non-biodegradable plastic bags, thus alleviate the “white pollution”, followed by a lot of ingenuity baby can abstain environmental protection bag, this can not only recycle materials such as old material, but also to show the unique self. The most important point to emphasize is the choice of materials before the production of environmental protection bags, materials can be paper, cloth, etc., and choose paper to make environmental protection bags, we try to do the steps of material processing in the above, so as not to homemade failure.

Eco-Friendly Bag

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