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non-woven bags, paper bags and canvas bags

Non-woven environmental bags are characterized by thin and light, easy to carry after folding, rich color, a variety of optional thickness, the raw material is non-woven fabric; The lowest price; Easily decomposed; The ever-popular reusable bags;

Environment-friendly paper bags are characterized by crisp, elegant printing, rich color, not easy to fold, poor robustness, the main raw material is paper, poor waterproof performance, moderate price; Without film is easy to be decomposed; It’s also very popular with some people;

Canvas bag as the name suggests, canvas material, environmental protection, easy to decompose; Features strong wear-resistant, the price is more expensive, but the use cycle is long, washable, lasting; In recent years by some powerful enterprises fancy; An investment, show lasting high-end;

Production process: non-woven fabric and canvas bags are a process of cutting, printing and sewing; Paper bags also have a cutting process, and the printing and folding adhesive behind them are generally completed automatically by machinery;

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The price of non-woven environmental bags

The price of non-woven bags is mainly calculated from the following aspects:

1. Material cost

The material cost mentioned here refers to the cost of the non-woven fabric required to make this non-woven bag. This includes the fabric, the hand, and the material for the edge of the bag. If the bag has other contents (such as pockets), just add them.

2. cutting material and short distance transportation

The width of non-woven fabric is generally and, so to cut into bags need various sizes of materials. Depending on the size of the bag material, the cutting cost is about 1-2 cents. Because the density of non-woven fabric is relatively small, belongs to the goods, the freight can not be ignored. The cost of transporting the material short distance to the production plant after it has been cut is about 1 cent. If the quantity is too small, the cost can be higher.

3.plate fees and printing

Non-woven printing is generally divided into: ink screen printing, ink machine printing, heat transfer printing and composite film printing four kinds. The printing color is single and the printing area is not large (about 20%). The ink screen printing is generally used.

The printing cost is low, and the printing price is relatively low. Printing color medium and large printing area, not high requirements for environmental protection and cloth color bright (such as white, yellow or light green non-woven fabric) generally use ink machine printing, medium plate fee, low printing price, one color cost of 2-3 points, the disadvantage is not environmental protection;

Printing color is rich, printing area is small can use heat transfer printing, plate fee is medium, printing price is relatively high, about 12 yuan/square meter; The printing color requirements are very realistic, and the full plate printing basically adopts the composite film printing (that is, the OPP film printing good picture and then combined with non-woven fabric), the advantage is environmental protection, beautiful image, the disadvantage is high printing cost, printing and coating cost is high

The price of the plate fee is 0.12 yuan/square centimeter (if you want to calculate the price of the plate to multiply the surface area of the plate rather than the actual printing area, because the surface area of the plate is larger than the actual printing area), the price of printing and coating film is generally 0.76-0.80 yuan/square meter, if the number is too small and additional machine costs.

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The work includes sewing, nailing, forks and so on. For example, the sewing price of ordinary three-dimensional bag is generally 0.32 yuan/piece, the price of buckle is 4 points (including buckle), and the price of cross is 8 points. If there is a special request for the place will be added.

5. Packaging

Packing is usually in cartons or waterproof bags. The cost of carton packing varies from 3 cents to 1 jiao according to the size of non-woven bags to each bag. The cost of waterproof bag packaging is low, generally the cost of each bag is 1-2 points.

6. Loss

From cutting to finished products, each process is more or less some loss, especially the loss of peritoneal bag, loss of 1%-5%

7. Profit

It’s a thin margin product, about 15%-30%.

Based on the above data, we can get the final ex-factory price (excluding tax and freight).

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